Troubleshoot & Optimize your workloads on K8s

Troubleshoot &
Optimize your workloads on K8s

Randoli App Insights platform helps your team troubleshoot faster, optimize cost and reduce the complexity of Kubernetes.

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Troubleshoot Faster
Troubleshoot Faster
We help you quickly identify & correlate relevant data from multiple sources so you can get to root cause analysis quicker.
Events leading up to an incident can help you understand possible root causes. A 48-hour timeline showing events, anomalies, config changes & deployments so you don't have to spend time looking for them.
Formulating hypotheses helps you troubleshoot in a methodical manner. The platform helps you develop your hypotheses with anomaly detection, crash logs, network maps & surfacing related incidents quickly
Once you narrow down specific causes, Issue Reports & Insights provided by the platform helps you assess the impact, severity, blast radius, previous incidents to help you formulate a plan for resolution.
Optimize & Save Costs
Cost modelling powered by OpenCosthelps organizations analysize, & optimize their costs with actionable insights.
Cost analytics provides breakdowns by resources, workloads, namespaces & cost-groups helping you understand the make up of your Kubernetes clusters costs.
Efficiency & Right-Sizing insights helps you optimize your workloads to find the right balance between cost savings & performance.
Cost Alerts helps you understand cost spikes and a breakdown of resources & workloads that contributed to the spike, helping you to take corrective action if need be.
Reduce The Complexity of Kubernetes
Troubleshoot Faster
App Insights makes Kubernetes more accessible to engineering teams. It allows developers to focus on their core-mission without being distracted by the complexity of Kubernetes and it's high learning curve.
Issue detection and AI powered analysis engine breakdowns deployment, configuration & runtime issues helping teams to overcome Kubernetes complexity.
Investigation & Remediation steps helps engineering teams take corrective actions and guides them through issue resolution.
Single-pane-of-glass provides engineering teams quick & easy access to discover, triage and understand the behavior of workloads running across multiple Kubernetes clusters without having to rely on multiple systems.

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