Become a Kubernetes Hero

Our App Insights platform helps your team
optimize cost, improve troubleshooting, and reduce the complexity of Kubernetes.

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Improve the Troubleshooting Experience
App Insights helps cut through the noise, identify & correlate relevant data points to help you get to root cause analysis quicker.
Receive smart alerts with contexualized data
Easily understand the impact & severity
View related events on a timeline
View insights with related & historical information
Improve Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR)
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
Optimize & Save Costs
App Insights, powered by OpenCosthelps organizations analysize & optimize their cloud spend across cloud-vendors with actionable insights.
Receive optimization and rightsizing suggestions
Identify reasons behind cost increases
Understand utilization efficieny of your workloads
Understand cluster cost makeup by namespaces, workloads & cost-groups
View cost breakdown by clusters, workloads and cost groups
Single-pane-of-glass across clusters & cloud-vendors
Empower Engineering Teams
App Insights makes Kubernetes more accessible to enginering teams. It allows developers to focus on their core-mission without being distracted by the complexity of Kubernetes and it's high learning curve.
Troubleshoot deployments & configuration issues
Understand Kubernetes errors and their impact
Receive investigation and remdiation steps
Receive correlated & historical data for easy debugging
Faster feedback loop with conextualized notifications
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Migrating to Kubernetes? Our services can help

Migrate Applications to K8S
Configuration templates to automate repetitive tasks
Faster feedback loop to verify successful application migration
Simplified UI to easily create application templates
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Adopt, Optimize & Scale
Application modernization - architecture assessment to implementation
Kubernetes adoption and optimization best practices
Partnership with AWS acceleration programs
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