Kubernetes Native

A comprehensive Kubernetes-Native Application Platform to help you ship software faster

Why App Director?

Accelerate Developers

Improve developer productivity by 25%

Scale Best Practices

Centralize & share golden paths across your organization

Simplify Kubernetes

No YAML or Kustomize! A simple UI to abstract complexity


Any Kubernetes cluster, from any cloud vendor

Reduce Security Risk

Shift left. Bring CVE awareness earlier

Continuous Integration

Kubernetes native continuous integration with an intuitive UI to create Tekton pipelines
Integrate with your favourite scanning tools
Use built in tasks or bring your own for customization
Aggregate build logs across multiple clusters
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Continuous Deployment

No YAML or Kustomize needed! GitOps made easy
Secret management via External Secrets integration
Helm Chart support
Custom Resource Definition templates
Generate PRs to a Git repo automatically when you modify

Template Catalog

Bring golden paths to your platform and development teams
Shareable and discoverable CI & CD best practice templates
Ensure security and organizational standards are scaled throughout your organization
Randoli provided default templates to help you get started
Dashboard mockup

App Director Delivers Value Across Engineering Teams


  • Reduce cognitive overload and toil
  • Faster feedback loop (shift left)
  • Self-service through golden paths
  • Simplified abstraction for Kubernetes across multiple clusters and clouds

Platform Engineers

  • Build & share golden paths via templates
  • Set fine grain controls across your teams over multiple Kubernetes clusters
  • Enforce security and standardization
  • IAM and audit logs


  • Improve developer productivity
  • Increase visibility in developer velocity
  • Software supply chain risk mitigation
  • Centralize knowledge via template catalog

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