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Our Culture

We are a people-first organization where employees are our greatest asset. Our people are passionate, committed and intellectually curious. At Randoli, we are on a collective journey to thoroughly understand the needs of our customers.

We've constantly punched above our weight through the dedication of our team and we've worked together as a family to get to where we are today.

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, seek continuous improvement in a flexible role and want to join a winning team, we would love to hear from you.

Merit Based Culture
Our culture promotes autonomy, meritocracy, diversity and excellence. We provide a forum to present your ideas, challenge the status quo and shape our products and solutions regardless of your role. We value critical thinking, debate and dialogue over hierarchical decision making.
Flexible Work Environment
Flexible work environment that promotes work/life balance and includes a discretionary leave policy that accommodates life changes. We understand that productivity is not measured in hours but with results and not everyone fits into a 8-5 model.
Remote First But Connected
Work from anywhere that inspires you to do your best. We have a globally distributed team working together as one team. All though distributed across time zones we are incredibly connected as a group. We strive hard to meet virtually and in person to stay connected and have fun.
Diverse & Empathetic
We are a diverse group of individuals from different walks of life with different cultural backgrounds, all working towards a common goal. We take care of each other and support each other through difficult periods. We are sensitive to life's challenges and understand the value of promoting mental health and well being as well as providing a safe space for everyone.
Learn & Mentor
We provide encouragement to learn through self-study, mentoring and training programs available to us via our partners. We have regular mentoring sessions and everyone is expected to mentor others promoting a culture of knowledge sharing. Continuous improvement is our mantra.
Growth Opportunities
We work on cutting edge research on our product development as well as work with customers on large scale enterprise applications providing our employees and incredible opportunity to get exposed to a wide variety of experiences. As a startup we don't limit ourselves to job a description and we often wear multiple hats allowing our employees to get experience outside of their core functions.
Hey, I'm Tharaki!
I am into coding and learning new technologies. In my spare time, I practice dancing and watch supernatural tv-series/movies. What I admire about Randoli is that people at Randoli always help and encourage each other to grow. It is also the best place for a beginner to start their career in the IT industry.
Hi! I'm João Pimentel.
I was lucky enough to get in touch with programming as a kid, and haven’t stopped since. I do like music and movies, but what I really like is spending time with my lovely daughter. What I like the most here at Randoli is the friendly and supportive people, which make me sure that together we can accomplish so much more than any of us could do alone.
My name is Glory Davies and here are some fun facts about myself.
I am a very quiet and reserved person that enjoys weekend nights at home with a glass of wine in front of the television watching a good movie. In addition, I also love cooking, especially for our family get-togethers. I’ve been at Randoli for over 2 years now working in Financial Operations. We have a good company culture and enjoy working here.
Hey, I'm Achini Rathnayake.
Programming has been my passion since I was a teenager. But whenever I get some free time, I like to watch movies and do gardening. I like working in Randoli because it’s a great place to learn and develop our skills. People at Randoli are very helpful and never hesitate to offer their support.