Success Story

Rcatsone Modernizes Key Solution Using Cloud Native Technology with Randoli
North America
Mississauaga, Ontario, Canada

"Randoli was instrumental in modernizing our QoSExecutive software towards becoming cloud-native. They provided the depth of knowledge in modern application development on the Red Hat platform we needed. Coupled with an expedient understanding of our functional requirements, they helped us to get to market within a short timeline."

- Rick Sawicki : COO, RCATSONE

Executive Summary

RCATSONE is a leading provider of end-to-end monitoring and test equipment, software and real-time analytics to the global telecommunications industry. The QoSExecutive, a key solution from RCATSONE, provides real-time, network-wide performance and availability information.

Randoli was engaged to modernize the QoSExecutive solution using cloud-native technology with a very aggressive timeline to meet the organizations key objectives towards modernizing it's application portfolio to be cloud ready. The Randoli team in Toronto, Canada & Colombo Sri Lanka worked around the clock, together with the RCATSONE team to ensure the project was delivered on-time and on-budget.

Key Objectives

The engagement had the following key objectives

Solution & Approach Cloud-Native & Test-Driven-Development

Randoli Inc provided thought leadership & software delivery services to help transform the existing services to Microservices based on Camel/Springboot with CI/CD pipelines powered by Jenkins & Ansible with distributed logging via Elasticsearch.

Cloud-Native was a key objective. The new Microservices were implemented with Camel/Springboot to ensure the services are lightweight and can be easily containerized.

The services had a myriad of configuration options to allow easy customization which was easily implemented via Springboots rich configuration model.

The QoSExecutor service relies on complex orchestration of connectivity to various probes & data flows along with complex SQL queries & calculations to support it's real-time network-wide performance and availability information. We used Apache Camel's built in support for transports to handle the connectivity to various probes in parallel and the enterprise-integration-pattern components to manage the orchestration to ensure the information is retrieved and processed efficiently with minimal latency.

Test Driven Development approach was followed to ensure faster feedback loop on various adjustments we had to make during the testing phase allowing the team to provide faster resolution time for defects.

CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins with Ansible playbooks for rapid deployment into the customers UAT environment. This coupled with automated testing as described above, allowed the team to deploy code rapidly with a higher degree of confidence and was instrumental in delivering the solution on-time and on-budget.

Software & Services